PHP-FPM “Access Denied” on .phtml Files

a problem which took about 1h of research..

Some Weeks ago, i switched most of the webserver setups from custom spawn-fcgi init scritps to php-fpm and everything seems to work fine until today. The php-version of GitHubButtons won’t work anymore – just a text-message appears: “Access Denied.” First of all i thougt it was a problem with lighttpd and the directive, but the error message doesn’t seem to be served by lighttpd…and well…it was a php-fpm related issue, beacause php-fpm only processes .php files by default!

You will not find these directive in the official FPM Documentation on – it’s missing including tons of other directives. To get an overview about all possible php-fpm config keys, you should take a look into to default php-fpm.conf file included into the php-sources (sapi/fpm/php-fpm.conf) – also attached to this post!

Important: This directive can’t be used in global context, it’s a pool based config key!

Examle Pool: php-fpm.conf#

; Limits the extensions of the main script FPM will allow to parse. This can
; prevent configuration mistakes on the web server side. You should only limit
; FPM to .php extensions to prevent malicious users to use other extensions to
; exectute php code.
; Note: set an empty value to allow all extensions.
; Default Value: .php
; Recommended: .php .phtml
security.limit_extensions = .php .php3 .php4 .php5 .phtml

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