A3non::Tools – Javascript Password Generator

a3non tools, client side, helpfull utilities

Another One ?# You like password generators ? ok here is another one…but it is completly javascript based – the passwords are generated on your pc and not on a server which can log the generated passwords and track you by using methods like Evercookie. A3non::Tools# A3non::Tools – Password Generator A3non::Tools – other helpful stuff […]

Import/Export/Convert SMS from Maemo to Android

Nokia N900 to Sony Xperia ARC

New smartphone, new problems: how to convert your contacts, emails and sms to your new device ? Last week i get an Sony Experia ARC (Google Android 2.3 based) smartphone – before i have an Nokia N900. Converting contacts, calendar, etc. was quite easy – just use the embedded “Mail for Exchange” tool from Nokia […]