Import/Export/Convert SMS from Maemo to Android

Nokia N900 to Sony Xperia ARC

New smartphone, new problems: how to convert your contacts, emails and sms to your new device ? Last week i get an Sony Experia ARC (Google Android 2.3 based) smartphone – before i have an Nokia N900. Converting contacts, calendar, etc. was quite easy – just use the embedded “Mail for Exchange” tool from Nokia to synchronize the data with Google Services – add your Google Account in your Android settungs and click “Sync” – Thats it!

But i also wanted to have my SMS back, but i didn’t found any tools for doing this! So here ist the difficult way – but it works perfect! (you need php5 to run the converter script)


  1. Install Nokia Ovi Suite on your pc
  2. Synchronize your N900 with this Suite (Messages)
  3. The complete data is stored as an SQLite3 database in C:\Users\__Username__\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Data Store\DataBase\MDataStore.db3
  4. Copy the MDataStore.db3 file into an empty directory
  5. Download the php based converter script: ConvertNokiaSMStoAndroid.php and move it into the same directory as the MDataStore.db3 file
  6. Run the script: it extracts the messages from the SQLite file and converts them into an XML – sms-n900.xml will be created
  7. Download and install the SMS Backup and Restore App from on your Android Device
  8. Create an initial sms backup with this App to create the file structure on your smartphone
  9. Now transfer the sms-n900.xml file from your pc to your andoid smartphone (into the location you’ve created the backup in the last step)
  10. Finally run SMS Backup and Restore, click Restore and select sms-n900.xml as source. This will import the xml based data (this process can take some minutes !)

I know..this method is difficult and in most cases for advanced users only…but it works fine ;) Have Fun !

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