Cryptex 4.0 with Retina/HighDPI support

behind the scene – high-resolution, css based images using media queries

The Story# No scrapers. No harvesters. No spambots. That’s our goal. A several years ago, i’ve released the first version of the Crypex Plugin to protect E-Mail-Addresses on WordPress based websites. It works great but currently many mobile devices like tablets, smartphones are using high-dpi displays which results in blurred E-Mail-Addresses. Therefore i’ve create a […]

WP: Prevent automatic removing of directories on update

wordpress plugin development, advanced topics, wp api, hooks

Every WP Plugin developers knows this issue: you have some subdirectories in your WP plugin and they are removed by wordpress on each update. I’ve got this problem with Zanmantou and Cryptex too. I found some solutions but they are all using recursive, inperformant “copy” functions to fullfill the task – the much better solution […]

Cryptex 2.0 Released

completly rewritten, strict oop coding style, some new features

Important Notice: After updating the plugin goto the settings page and click “save changes” to update the caches ! I’ve got several problems with the cryptex plugin on this blog the last days: I’m using CSS-IDs to access the DOM elements, but cryptex uses classes to style the this case the cryptex css styles […]