Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet – Broken Power Button [UPDATE]

pcb assembly failure, low reflow temperature

Death Android Tablet..# Today, on my way home, i would like to read some stuff on my Lenovo Thinpad Tablet 32GB – but.. i can’t turn it on. The power-button/switch doesn’t gave any haptical feedback. So what’s going on ? I very like the robustness of the tablet and of course..it costs around 600€ half […]

MooTools Multitouch Event Class for Android and iOS

improoved touch support for mobile devices within the mootools framework

Multitouch and Mobile Devices..# There are several tutorials and demos about multitouch usage on mobile devices on the web, but they cause some platform dependend problems: e.g. on Android 3.1 multitouch events are limited on a single dom element and touchmove/touchend cannot correctly added to DOM-Elements. So here is the platform independent way with desktop […]

Disable Zoom Function of Android Browser, force native resolution

web based control interfaces, mobile device web development

The Task# Sometimes you need the native resolution of your tablet pc/smartphone for e.g. web based control, games or user interfaces and you wanna disable the multitouch zoom function. It’s quite easy, just add the following meta tag into your HTML document: It should work on all Android Devices and also on Apple iOS. Tested […]