Zanmantou3 Development Discontinued

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Development Discontinued# I am very sorry to announce, that the development of Zanmantou3, including the WordPress Plugin is discontinued. But in case of the upcomming HTML5 standard and the obvious fact of discontinuing Flash on Linux and mobile devices on the part of Adobe there is no right to exist or better to say necessity […]

Howto: Remove NextGen Gallery Version Meta-Tag

increase wordpress security, hide plugin version informations

Why ?# For Security Reasons it is not recommend to show any user the version of the software you are using. Since the NGG Version 1.9 a filter was added on my request, to hide the meta-tag with the version informations: Default HTML-Header Output of NextGenGallery# [html] <!– <meta name="NextGEN" version="1.9.2" /> –> [/html] Just […]

WordPress NextGen Gallery – Page Title

clean page titles containing album/gallery names

Titles# You like the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress, but you want ‘nicer’ name based page titles instead of something like “Album 78”, “Gallery 12” ? Here is a simple solution, you just have to edit your theme files: Page Title# Mostly the title (<h1> Tag) ist set into your page.php file or alternative in […]

WP: Prevent automatic removing of directories on update

wordpress plugin development, advanced topics, wp api, hooks

Every WP Plugin developers knows this issue: you have some subdirectories in your WP plugin and they are removed by wordpress on each update. I’ve got this problem with Zanmantou and Cryptex too. I found some solutions but they are all using recursive, inperformant “copy” functions to fullfill the task – the much better solution […]

Cryptex 2.0 Released

completly rewritten, strict oop coding style, some new features

Important Notice: After updating the plugin goto the settings page and click “save changes” to update the caches ! I’ve got several problems with the cryptex plugin on this blog the last days: I’m using CSS-IDs to access the DOM elements, but cryptex uses classes to style the this case the cryptex css styles […]