Install Sophos UTM Essential Firewall 9.3 with an USB Stick

plug ‘n play ? not really… (version 9.308-16.1)

First of all, you need to download the iso image (it’s required to create an account – your license key will be sent to this email address).

Install the ISO Image to an USB Drive#

It’s not possible to copy the image via dd directly to the usb drive because of a missing usb bootloader. Therefore you need external bootloader like Universal-USB-Installer from pendrivelinux.

Download and execute the tool.

  • Step 1 choose “Try unlisted Linux ISO” from the bottom of the page.
  • Step 2 select the iso image e.g. asg-9.308-16.1.iso
  • Step 3 select your usb drive (at least 2GB)

After the installation has finished, remove and reattach the usb stick from your system to process with the next step.

Fix the local package repository#

The current (9.308-16.1) iso image has some broken filenames within the local package repository. The files are located under “install/rpm/”. Check each file if it ends with “.rb1.i686.rpm” – if not, modify the filename and add the missing part!

Otherwise the installation will abort and message like “can’t stat file /install/install/rpm/….. rb1.i686.rpm” will appear. I hope this issue will be fixed soon…

Now you can attach the usb stick to your firewall-box and power it up!

Remount the USB Drive#

Ready ? not really… the hardware-detection of the installer will unmount the usb stick, which cause the error message “install.tar not found”. Therefore you have to remount the usb-stick after the hardware detection succeed.

  • After Hardware Detection succeed press “ok”
  • Select the Keyboard Layout and Timezone
  • Press “Alt+F2” to switch to the console
  • Re-Mount the USB drive: mount /dev/sdb /install
  • Press “Alt+F1” to return to the installer
  • Proceed the installation