LightUp – PHP Markdown Renderer released

Markdown Parser inspired by GitHub flavored markdown (GFM)


  • Written in PHP (Version > 5.3 required)
  • Ultra small footprint – only 3 files required, each of them with less than 450 lines of well documented code (linewise comments)
  • Extensible – you need some special features ?
  • Full support for GitHub flavored markdown (excluding tables)
  • Supports various syntax highlighting variants (use the highlighter of your choice)
  • Released under the terms of MIT Style X11 License – you can use in any commercial case
  • Online Docs/Demo Page

Supported Markdown Elements#

  • Hash-Style Headers (h1-h6)
  • Underline-Style Headers (heading level configurable)
  • Emphasis (bold, italic, strikethrough)
  • Lists (Ordered, Unordered and Sublists)
  • Links (Inline, text itself and reference style)
  • Images (Inline and reference style)
  • Indent Style Codeblocks (including hashtag language identifier for syntax highlighting)
  • Fenced Codeblocks (three backticks) used by GFM
  • Blockquotes (inline HTML supported)
  • Inline HTML (lines which starts with an html tag are handled as html – no br-tag is added)
  • Horizontal Rules (Hyphens, Asterisks or Underscores supported)
  • Paragraphs automatically added after 1-line break (textblock)
  • Sections automatically added around blocks with h2-headings (disabled by default, section-tag position before or after h2 tag)

Quickstart Example#

This is a minimalistic example how to use LightUp within your application

// use the lightup namespace
use de\andidittrich\lightup;

// include the Tokener + Parser & Helper classes

// rendering options
$renderingOptions = array(
// divide content automatically into sections based on <h2> headings. the section tag is opened AFTER the <h2> heading
‘addSections’ => false,
‘sectionPosition’ => ‘after’,

// allow inline html code
‘inlineHtml’ => true,

// use EnlighterJS syntax highlighting style for codeblocks
‘highlightingMode’ => ‘enlighterjs’,

// ==== becomes <h2>, —— becomes <h3>
‘underlineHeading1Level’ => 2,
‘underlineHeading2Level’ => 3

// add automatically anchors before headings
// ## Features ## becomes `<a class="anchor" id="features1" name="features"></a><h2>Features</h2>`
‘addAnchors’ => true,
‘anchorClass’ => ‘anchor’,

// enable deprecated indent codeblocks
‘useIndentCodeblocks’ => true,

// autolink urls
‘autolinking’ => true

// parse your markdown text
echo LightUp::render($myMDText, $renderingOptions);


The following options can be pass to the LightUp::render method to customize the behaviour. The default values are available in LightUp.php::$_options and get merged with your given options.


  • Type: boolean
  • Should the content (divided by h2 headings) automatically divided into a HTML5 <section> ?


  • Type: enum(‘before’, ‘after’)
  • Should the section include the heading (position before) ?


  • Type: boolean
  • Is Inline-HTML allowed ?


  • Type: int
  • To which heading-type (h1-h6) should underline headings ===== converted ?


  • Type: int
  • To which heading-type (h1-h6) should underline headings ----- converted ?


  • Type: boolean
  • LightUp can automatically add anchor-links before each heading
  • ## Features ## becomes <a class="anchor" id="features1" name="features"></a><h2>Features</h2>


  • Type: string
  • The CSS class of automatically added anchor-links


  • Type: boolean
  • Enable/Disable deprecated inline-style codeblocks


  • Type: boolean
  • Should URLs starting with http:// or https:// automatically converted into hyperlinks ?


  • Type: enum(‘pre’, ‘enlighterjs’, ‘shortcode’, ‘lighter’)
  • The output method which is used to handle codeblock-content – used for external syntax-highlighter


LightUp is licensed under The MIT License (X11)